Don’t fly without it

Vertical and horizontal shear forces subject your goods to heavy wear and tear.

Protection above the clouds is limitless

We’ll make sure that your products reach the recipient undamaged.

A sea of challenges: maritime transport

Humidity and waves place heavy demands on packaging.

Protection, yo-ho!

We’ll make sure that your products can even withstand tidal waves.

Make way for centrifugal forces

Horizontal accelerations and braking effects put enormous strain on your products.

Next stop: maximum protection

We are on the right track to securing maximum transport protection.

A truckload of protection

Braking and acceleration forces as well as road damage put your freight at risk.

With us, your ride will be safer

We are Europe's leading company in load unit securing.

The highest protection

We have developed the ideal protection system for transporting your valuable cargo by air.

A flood of benefits

Our experts are on board to protect your sea freight in the best possible way.

Protection in every turn

Together with you, we develop the most efficient protection concept for rail transport.

Driving experiences

Benefit from our decades of experience for an absolutely safe truck transport.

We deliver a great deal of expertise